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Do's and Dont's

If you carry out the following rules on Bonfire Night, then only the guy will be harmed.

A grown-up person should supervise the bonfire and the lighting of the fireworks. A bucket of water and a bucket of sand should be kept at the ready.

Never pick up a firework that has failed to go off!

Keep the fireworks in a covered tin box and take only a few out at a time.

Keep all pets and animals in a room with the curtains drawn.

Very young children should be kept indoors. Some can be frightened by fireworks and don't share the same excitement that their elder brothers and sisters do.

Do not hold fireworks that tell you not to.

Do not throw "bangers"* at each other.

* ("banger" - firework which explodes with a bang.)

A lot of rules to enjoy yourselves by! But if you follow them, the fire brigades and the hospitals will not be faced with the nasty accidents that usually happen on November 5.

(Daily Worker)

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