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Do's and Dont's for Marchers

Do label all your baggage clearly and put it in the baggage lorries provided for your unit. Fill in the questionnaire and return it as soon as you can. During March you will be sent a ticket for accommodation and a label for your baggage in the colour of your unit and this colour will be clearly displayed on the baggage lorry attached to it.

Do obey the instruction of the Marshals* and of the Police.

* (the Marshals - (here) persons in charge of the march.)

Do bring food or money to buy it. We cannot feed everyone.

Don't respond to any sort of provocation.

Don't stray all over the roads. March three abreast unless you are told otherwise. Keep off main roads at stopping places.

Don't leave litter about. Put it in the receptacles provided.

Don't put your baggage or your children in a private car. The owner may be perfectly honest - but you may never find hjm again. If you or your children are tired, sit by the roadside till the March has passed. There will be special cars for ferrying marchers behind the March.

Don't bring very young children or dogs.


We are marching to show Britain and the world that thousands of people want to get rid of nuclear weapons and bases.

The impact of this March on the millions who will hear and see it on radio and television will depend on the dignity and discipline of every individual marcher.

Don't do anything or wear anything that will distract the attention of the world from the great issues with which we are concerned.

Let us live up to the high purpose which brings us on the roads from Aldermaston and from Wethersfield to London.

(A C.N.D. leaflet)

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