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Ancient Traditions

Easter is also a time when certain old traditions are observed, whether it is celebrated as the start of spring or a religious festival. In England it is a time for the giving and receiving of presents which traditionally take the form of an Easter egg, for the Easter Bonnet Parade and hot cross buns.* Nowadays Easter eggs are usually made of chocolate,** but the old custom of dyeing or painting egg-shells is still maintained in some country districts. The Easter egg is by far the most popular emblem of Easter, but fluffy little chicks, baby rabbits and spring-time flowers like daffodils, dangling catkins and the arum lily are also used to signify the Nature's reawakening.

* (Sweet buns with a cross cut on top before baking; served hot.)

** (Children get chocolate Easter rabbits and chocolate Easter eggs. They are either hollow or have a filling, and are usually covered with brightly coloured silver paper; they can be bought at any sweet shop in the weeks before Easter. Adults do not usually give each other presents at Easter, as they do at Christmas.)

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