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London's Easter Parade

London greets the spring, and its early visitors, with a truly spectacular Easter Parade in Battersea Park on Easter Sunday each year. It is sponsored by the London Tourist Board* and is usually planned around a central theme , related to the history and attractions of London. The great 5 procession, or parade, begins at 3 p. m., but it is advisable to find a vantage-point well before that hour. The parade consists of a great many interesting and decorated floats, i entered by various organizations in and outside the metropolis. I Some of the finest bands in the country take part in the ' parade. At the rear of the parade is usually the very beautiful Jersey float,** created from thousands of lovely spring blooms and bearing the Easter Princess and her attendants. It is an afternoon to remember.

* (London Tourist Board - a state organization administered by the Greater London Council.)

** (Jersey float - a floral float (a dressed-up lorry) so called because on the Island of Jersey the spring flowers bloom early.)

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