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Go On and Make Them Hear!

Politicians who were thinking last night that Aldermaston 1962 was over and done with for one more year are in for a big surprise this morning. As the immense column arrived on the outskirts of London the Campaign approved plans for a demonstration by tens of thousands of marchers at the American Embassy in Grosvenor Square. After what had been planned as the "final march" this afternoon demonstrators will move off to the Embassy. Advised of police anxiety over the plan, Canon John Collins said last night, "They have been properly notified and we are determined to go ahead. It seems virtually certain that tests will begin within a day or two of our march ending. We shall not relax our pressure until the tests are called off." The Canon added that he expected most of the marchers to go on to Grosvenor Square - and today's numbers are expected to be far higher than ever before. "They will all be very tired," he added, "but I have no doubt that we shall have a near-one-hundred per cent turn-out."

If tests do take place immediately after Easter the London Regional Council of the Campaign will organize an immediate protest. It is asking Campaigners to mass outside the American Embassy on the evening of the first test, each with a personal letter to the Ambassador.

At midnight a C.N.D. delegation will leave London Airport for New York, where it will press the case against nuclear tests at the United Nations.

(Sanity. The Aldermaston Daily)

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