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Why We Are Marching

Aldermaston is the factory of death, where Britain's H-bombs are made: bombs that can wipe out cities, poison the survivors, condemn children of the future to a life of misery. These are not weapons of war, but equipment for mass murder.

Wethersfield in Essex is a NATO Base, where aircraft stand ready for nuclear war. These bases cannot defend us, they make Britain a priority target if war should come.

London is our capital city, where Government and Parliament make decisions that spell life and death for us all and where we must raise our voices if we want a change.

Everybody, the world over, wants disarmament and peace. SOMEBODY must have the courage and sense to give a new lead: we want BRITAIN to give that lead by renounc; ing nuclear weapons, bases and policies.

This is why our marches will start on Good Friday from Aldermaston and from Wethersfield and meet on Easter Monday in Whitehall.*

* (Whitehall - a London thoroughfare in the city of Westminster, connecting Charing Cross with Parliament Street. It takes its name from Whitehall Palace built by Henry VIII and destroyed by fire in 1698. Of a new palace only the banqueting hall was built (by Inigo Jones, 1722), housing the Royal United Service Institution and Museum. Opposite is the Horse Guards, forming a gateway to the Horse Guards' Parade, adjoining St. James's Park. On the west side of Whitehall are two large blocks of government offices. The northen block of buildings contains the Commonwealth Relations Office, the Foreign Office, and the Home Office. In the second block of building are the Ministry of Housing, the Ministry of Defence, some departments of the Treasury, and the office of the Lord Privy Seal. Because of the many government buildings with offices in Whitehall, the name of Whitehall is commonly used as a synonym for the British government.)

(A C.N.D. leaflet)

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