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May, 1969. May Day - Rehearsal for 24-hour Stoppage

The May Day strikes and demonstrations against the antitrade union legislation were an inspiration. The workers in their hundreds and thousands who downed tools deserve the thanks of the whole Labour movement for leading the way in the EDINBURGH CITY struggle to kill the anti-union Bill.

What took place on May 1 should be a dress rehearsal for a 24-hour national protest stoppage and a warning to the Government as to what will happen if it does not withdraw the Bill to fine or jail trade unionists for striking.

May Day 1969 occurs in the midst of this crisis.

While opposition to the Government at the moment is centred around the anti-trade union legislation, the issues are much wider than this. They boil down to the fact that a Labour Government has made the defence of Big Business* the centre of everything it does.

* (Big Business - big industrial concerns, chains of stores or service establishment.)

When the Government talks about modernizing and streamlining the economy, this boils down to more and more super-monopolies, enemies of democracy and the Labour movement, making super profits.

This is the main reason for the incomes policy and the attack on the unions. This is why there is no progress in tackling poverty while the rich thrive, for feeble pension increases accompanied by staggering increases in insurance contributions; why the nurses starve and Cabinet ministers are overweight.

(Morning Star)

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