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Simple Steps before You Go on Holiday

Going on holiday? Fine. These few simple tasks before you go will give the maximum ease of mind to enjoy your well-earned rest.

Stop all milk and papers. If possible arrange with the local postman to hold all letters until the day you return, or for a sum have them held at the post office for you.

Turn off electricity at the main, and water at the main stop-tap. Empty the tank. One never knows.

Defreeze and clean out fridge, leaving the door open a little to prevent mould or mustiness.

Shut all windows fast and lock all doors.

Some people pull curtains to keep the hot sun from turning the house into an oven. This is a debatable point though - it rather announces the fact that you're away to anyone crafty enough to watch the house. So also does a fast-growing lawn.

If your holiday is likely to be lengthy try to arrange for a neighbouring lad to mow it for you, for a few bob, or better still do a straight swop with a neighbour - you do his while he's away, in return. Likewise, allow him the run of fruit or veg., which will only perish or seed otherwise.

Make sure you've got the damp last-minute washing out of the machine or spinner, otherwise you'd be met with a nasty pong on your return. Don't do as one local person did, go away and leave the clothes merrily spinning to shreds. How she did it I don't know - they make such a din when going. I reckon she needed that holiday, she was so eager to go on.

Sweep crumbs off the floor, especially if you have a large secluded garden, as crumbs attract mice, and also ants under the doors. Puff a line of insect-killer powder along the back and front doorsteps.

Tidy around, as you'll be tired when you get back, but don't leave the place looking as though it's not lived in, nor will be for weeks. Crafty prowlers get to recognize certain signs.

Enlist the help of the police. For the price of a phone call or letter to ask them, they will watch your premises for you. They will, however, want you to leave the keys with a neighbour just in case it should be needed.

It makes no difference if in your eyes you've nothing worth pinching - in someone else's, you might have plenty.

Some of these things may seem to be over-cautious, but one never knows. They take time when you're just bursting to get going and the kids are hopping from one foot to another, but it really is worth taking the bother and putting your mind at rest. You'll enjoy your lie in the sun, or whatever, much more with the knowledge that you've done your best to see all is well at home.

Happy holiday.

(Morning Star)

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