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Most schools in Britain are day schools: the children go to school in the morning, at about nine o'clock, and go back home in the afternoon at about four o'clock, usually having their dinner at school. At boarding-schools the children go home only for the holidays.

The boarding-schools' academic reputation is based on the facts of smaller classes and traditions of sixth-form work. Other things being equal, academic standards1 are likely to be higher in boarding-schools. The child's whole environment is an academic one. He can concentrate without distraction. The pattern of daily life allows for sports and recreation, but it also makes time for private work. Day-school "homework" is no substitute for "prep"2.

What is more, the boarding-school child has teachers and libraries at hand. Local public libraries are no substitute: they are enormous in accessibility and quality, and in any case are not designed specifically for school children. The time that many day pupils spend in dreary and wasteful daily travel is better spent.

It is not only academic facilities that are better in boarding-schools. The child has without effort a vast range of choice. Normally, there is more room for sports, more time for hobbies. Playing fields are adequate and on the spot, school societies have a recognized place. In short a boarding-school child's time is organized so that he can get the most out of work and play.

The upper and middle classes have been sending their sons and daughters to boarding-school for generations. Nearly all of the public schools3 are boarding-schools.


1) Is the boarding-schools' academic reputation based on the facts of smaller classes and traditions of sixth-form work?

2) Is the child's whole environment an academic one?

3) What does the pattern of daily life allow for?

4) Whom and what does the boarding-school child have constantly at hand?

5) Has the child a vast range of choice of non-academic facilities?


1. academic standards - соответствие университетским нормам

2. "prep" - школ. разг. приготовление уроков

3. public school - закрытое частное привилегированное учебное заведение для мальчиков

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