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FARADAY (1791 - 1867)

Michael Faraday, the great English physicist, was born in 1791 in a family of a blacksmith. At the age of thirteen he began to work at a bookbinder's shop. He read many books he had to bind and once he came across an article on electricity. Since that time he took a great interest in electricity and even tried to make some experiments.

A well-known physicist Humphry Davy whose lectures Faraday used to attend, helped him to become an assistant at the laboratory of the Royal Institute in London. Michael worked hard and with enthusiasm. He studied physics and chemistry and even lectured. He helped Davy to construct safety lamp for miners.

Then he was working on the problem of turning gases into liquids. One of the most important Faraday's discoveries of that time was the discovery of benzol which finds a wide application all over the world now. He succeeded in improving optical glass but above all he was interested in the problems of electricity and magnetism. In 1831 he made one of the most important discoveries - the electromagnetic induction.

This discovery laid the foundation for the development of electrical engineering. Faraday was the first who measured the electric current and made a number of very important discoveries in the sphere of conductivity of different materials. Everybody who studies physics knows Faraday's Law. Faraday died in 1867 almost a hundred years ago but we consider him one of those great scientists who laid foundations for the future age of electricity.

conductivity электропроводность

current ток

electrical engineering электротехника

electromagnetic induction электромагнитная индукция

Faraday Фарадей

lay the foundation положить начало

physicist физик

safety lamp рудничная лампа

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